Design Team

Design Team Putting Ice Surface Cement

In order to accomplish the design goals for each client in the most efficient and cost effective manner, MacLaughlin Management & Design brings together a team of licensed and accomplished professionals who are experienced in the mechanics of collaborative design. Our basic rink design team model includes an architect, a mechanical engineer, and an electrical engineer in addition to Terry MacLaughlin, who is the team leader. A typical team will have similar credentials to this actual team which completed a major renovation project in 2011.

Team Leader

The Team Leader’s role will be to work on the refrigeration, dehumidification, and dasher board systems and to oversee and coordinate the work of the engineers and consultants on the team. The Team Leader will be the primary contact for the client and will attend all design and construction meetings throughout the project schedule. He will have the main responsibility for keeping all phases of the project on schedule and within budget.

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The architect will be licensed in the State in which the project is undertaken and will review and stamp all project documents. The architect’s primary focus will be on maximizing the functionality of the space and on code requirements.

Structural Engineer

In most renovation projects the primary focus of the structural engineer is to design structural pads for new dehumidification and refrigeration systems as well as oversee all matters of structural concern in other areas of the arena renovation. The structural engineer works in close collaboration with the architect and mechanical engineer.